Women's Ministry

Connecting with Christ and Each Other

Women’s Ministry at Apostles helps women of all ages and every walk of life grow in their faith and forge lasting friendships. We do this through special events, ongoing studies and purposeful relationships. Meet and Treat is a chance to be paired with a different woman each month to have coffee, lunch or walk together, and slowly get to know ladies at Apostles. Each year we have a Bible study that meets during the week. Women learn biblical truth in a large group format and then gather in small groups to pray and discuss practical application. Through our nine-month mentoring program, women of different ages are paired together in order ‘teach what is good’ and walk more faithfully with Christ in their daily lives (Titus 2:3-5). Finally, women regularly gather at one-off events and an annual retreat to strengthen relationships, make new friendships and be encouraged in their faith.

a group of women

We seek to be filled with the Spirit of Jesus —caught up in the works of God's Kingdom