Telling the Story of God

Christians mark time differently. From the beginning, the church has engaged in a unique rhythm by following its own calendar that relives the story of God throughout the year.

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Current Liturgical Season


Many of us at Apostles did not grow up in churches that marked the liturgical year, and our experience of Advent was limited to wreaths and cardboard chocolate. We still love those ways of marking time in December. However, the four Sundays leading up to Christmas are not simply a preparation for Christmas. They are a season unto itself with the specific purpose of orienting us toward the future God has prepared for us in Christ. Thus our songs, prayers and sermons during Advent are more oriented to Christ’s return than his birth.

“Advent differs from the other seasons in that it looks beyond history altogether and awaits Jesus Christ’s coming again. In the cycle of seasons and festival days that takes the church through the life of Christ, it is Advent that gives us the final consummation; it is the season of last things.” - Fleming Rutledge

The Christian Year





Holy Week


Ordinary Time

Understanding the Anglican Tradition

Rooted in the past, hopeful for the future

The Anglican Church is a global, vibrant and Christ-centered expression of the Christian faith with a rich history that still shapes our beliefs, lives and worship today. We hold much in common with other Christian traditions and are committed to humbly following Christ and the mission of His Church.