We’re a community
following Jesus
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We see a world where people are filled with the Spirit of Jesus and caught up in the works of God’s Kingdom so that Jesus is glorified and others are drawn to Him.

Apostles Raleigh

With Glad and Sincere Hearts

A Church of the Apostles

We were planted 20 years ago with the hope of being a community like the churches founded by the apostles in the book of Acts. We live into this today by pursuing that which characterized the church in Acts 2:42-47. We strive to be J.U.S.T. people.

  • Joyful

    The first Christians ate together with “glad” hearts (Acts 2:46). While happiness is the product of chance, the Bible teaches us that joy in Jesus Christ is something to fight for and experience in every season of life (Phil. 4:4).

  • United

    A hallmark of the early church was their “togetherness” (Acts 2:42, 46). We want our community to be characterized by this kind of unity and so we make every effort to preserve it (Eph. 4:6). However, this does not mean we all look the same, pray the same, vote the same, etc. Rather we want our differences to be respected, honored and celebrated within our shared identification with Jesus Christ.

  • Sincere

    The church in Acts 2 was marked by “sincerity” (Acts 2:46). Translated literally, this word means “without rocks” and described ancient Roman roads that were paved smoothly and free from protruding cobblestones. Figuratively, “sincerity” described the pure intentions of the first Christians. Nothing got in the way of their fellowship; they came together for no other reason than to worship the Lord Jesus Christ. We follow their example by embodying authenticity in our relationships and seeking to obey God “from the heart” (Rom. 6:17).

  • Devoted to Truth

    Above all, the first followers of the risen Lord were “devoted” to Him (Acts 2:42). Jesus Christ said “I am the way, the truth and the life.” (Jn. 14:6) Our devotion to Truth expresses itself in our love for prayer, Bible study, spiritual formation and retreat.

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The Three Streams

Anglican worship holds in creative tension three distinct streams of the Christian tradition: the Spirit, Scripture and Sacraments.
Being a three streams church means that we that gather every Sunday expecting to experience God’s presence through His Spirit, hear God speak through His Word and receive His grace through the sacred and ordinary means of bread, wine and water.

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A Plan for the Future

Our mission is to be a community in midtown Raleigh that serves as a hub of spiritual, relational and cultural renewal. We’ll know we’re on the right track if these three things are happening:

  • Spiritual Renewal

    We’re helping people follow Jesus through life’s highs and lows. The vibrancy of our community is resulting in hundreds of people making a new or renewed decision to follow Jesus. All of our worship services every Sunday are vibrant and getting a seat is never assured.

  • Relational Renewal

    We’re becoming a more diverse and unified community that is deeply interwoven into each other’s lives. People from every walkable neighborhood that surrounds our building are joining our church family, and we’re linked arms with other believers in Jew-and-Gentile-like peacemaking in our city.

  • Cultural Renewal

    We’re making a significant investment to beautify and expand our facilities. Enhancing our property is not counted as an end in itself but is creating a revolving door for friends from every surrounding community to attend concerts, take classes, make friends, play, and experience Jesus.

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Affiliation and Governance

Apostles is affiliated with the global Anglican church through the Diocese of the Carolinas and the Anglican Church of North America. Our Bishops provide accountability and care for our clergy. Our Leadership Council oversees all business and legal affairs and serve as an advisory council to the Senior Pastor in matters of mission and ministry. More information on our governance is available in our by-laws and this best practices document that describes the organization of the Council.

We seek to be filled with the Spirit of Jesus —caught up in the works of God's Kingdom

Our People



In the Anglican churches, pastors are often called “clergy.” While every Christian has equal access to God and is called to ministry, the term “clergy” describes men and women who have been called and set apart to the particular ministry of shepherding God’s people (1 Pet. 5:1-4). Clergy exercise this ministry through preaching, teaching and celebration of the sacraments.


Nick Comiskey

Senior Pastor

Eric Bolash

Associate Pastor

Lauren Mann

Associate Pastor

Assisting Clergy

Matt Hoehn

Assisting Clergy

John Wilson



Ann Dotson

Women’s Ministry Leader

Ashley Crutchfield

Raleigh Fellows Director

Emily Gebbie

Operations Leader

Eric Bolash

Associate Pastor

Hayes Thielman

Young Adult and Student Ministry Leader

Jennifer Kromhout

Administrative Assistant

Kassie Starnes

Connections and Events Leader

Kristen Dixon

Children’s Ministry Leader

Lauren Mann

Associate Pastor

Laynette Rustin

Director of Finance and Operations

Linda May Mullis

Family Ministry Intern

Linsey Wenk

Communications Coordinator

Liz Kilpatrick

Student Ministry Leader

Nick Comiskey

Senior Pastor

Ryan Walker

Worship Arts Leader

Leadership Council

Apostles is led by the senior pastor, who is assisted by the Leadership Council. The Leadership Council is comprised of men and women who are responsible for the business and legal affairs of the church. They also serve as an advisory council to the senior pastor in matters of mission and ministry and big picture issues facing the church.

Our Current Leadership Council Includes:
Nick Comiskey
Bryon Boulton
Cissie Cargill
Beth Finneran
Jonathan Horner
Michael Mangum
Frank Shell
Ben Smith
Emily Smith
Billy Williams


Reach Out

Have any questions about our church? Want to meet with one of our pastors or members of our staff team? Let us know. We’d love to buy you a cup of coffee.

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